Sunday, June 20, 2010

Country Songs: A Tribute to Dad

I thought it would be nice to have a post on Father’s Day that focused on songs paying tribute to fathers. What I found when I began to compile such a list was: a) there aren’t that many songs that have to do with fathers; b) many of the ones I did find were depressing or sort of inappropriate. Eric Clapton sings about wishing his father was still around to guide him in My Father’s Eyes, Harry Chapin laments not spending more time with his kids in Cats in the Cradle, and Mary J. Blige sings about needing to find a significant other who also fills the void from her own absentee father. Happy Father’s Day! The only one that I could think of or find in my library that is really sweet is Paul Simon’s Father and Daughter, but one song a good playlist does not make.

I decided to take things in a different direction and pay tribute to my own dad. He is kind of a Suburban Music Dad (now Gramps) himself, but strangely, despite being born on the south side of Chicago and raised in the western suburbs, his tendency leans heavily toward country music. This gene apparently hits every other generation as neither of my sister or I have that tendency; however, it has struck my oldest daughter. Therefore, while I should be out shopping for a gift for Dad before we head to my parents’ house later this afternoon, I am making an attempt at compiling a good list of country songs that I like. Since that isn’t normally my preferred genre, the songs would probably be considered kind of wimpy by true hardcore country fans- I call it Country Lite. I can appreciate a good twang, though, so here is my best effort. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

· The Long Black Veil (Johnny Cash)
· Summertime (Kenny Chesney)
· Love Don’t Live Here (Lady Antebellum)
· Portland, Oregon (Loretta Lynn)- confession: Jack Black is also on this one, weird combo
· That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas) (Lyle Lovett)
· Here Comes Goodbye (Rascal Flatts)
· Please Read the Letter (Allison Krause and Robert Plant)- note: also a weird combo, but this is a really good album (Raising Sand- won a Grammy, I think)
· Killin’ Kind (Shelby Lynne)
· It Happens (Sugarland)
· Chicken Fried (Zac Brown Band)

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