Friday, August 20, 2010

What Would Blago Listen To?

A number of times during the past several weeks I’ve been out and about in the Loop and have seen trucks representing every news crew in the city parked across the street from the Federal building, usually with bored looking production people leaning against them. Occasionally there would be a reporter doing a story, presumably about nothing, as the world, or at least Illinois, waited for the jury to finish deliberating in the Blagojevich trial. As we all know, that torture exercise ended rather anticlimactically, but it started me thinking about what poor Blago was doing to pass the time while he waited, the most anxious of anyone, perhaps with the exception of his mysterious brother Rob. It got me wondering whether he could use a playlist to help him pass the hours. I became obsessed with the idea, even emailing his publicist to see whether he wanted to provide me with some direction. Unfortunately for me- and you- the non-verdict came back the following day; otherwise, I’m sure I would have received an answer. If I was Blago, I would definitely want to make sure that information about my musical preferences was accurate.

My younger sister, a veritable pop culture savant, was only too pleased to forward me a YouTube video of Blago singing karaoke to an Elvis song at some block party. This performance really cannot be described; it would be worth your time to view it for yourself, although the actual song itself is a bit difficult to decipher. I came to find out that Blago considers Elvis to be one of his idols, as evidenced by the numerous items auctioned from the Blagojevich storage locker this week. The prospect of creating an Elvis themed playlist was not only unappealing but also uncreative. I really think Rod could stand to update himself a bit, so the songs I’ve compiled are meant to stretch him a little without fully pulling him out of his comfort zone.

I hope this doesn't sound like bragging, but a number of years ago, before Blago was governor or ex-governor, I had the opportunity to meet him. My company used to do demonstrations of our proprietary computer applications to politicians, which I imagine was quite thrilling for them. It was in that context that I got to meet him and show off what our systems can do. I should note that not only do I love music, but I am also a reality t.v. junkie and thus saw Blago in action on Celebrity Apprentice. It was then that I found out he actually did not know how to turn a computer on, so I’m wondering if the directive I received at the time to “show him all the bells and whistles” of our systems might not have been the best use of either of our time. Nonetheless, forever after I was able to say that Rod Blagojevich has been in my cubicle. Additionally, my husband knew his wife, Patti, in college, so you can see we are practically family.

I therefore hope that Rod receives this playlist in the spirit it’s intended. The title of this piece should not be “What Would Blago Listen to?” because we know that the answer would be Elvis, which is frankly boring and outdated. The title would more appropriately be “What Should Blago Listen to?” and I promise he will be more a man of the people for it. I call this an Elvis inspired playlist as I have tried to select songs that have kind of a bluesy rock & roll vibe to them:

• Tears Dry on Their Own – Amy Winehouse

• Everlasting Light – The Black Keys

• Jealous Again – The Black Crowes

• Thing Called Love – Bonnie Raitt

• Everybody Needs Love – Findlay Brown

• I’m Sorry – Hothouse Flowers

• You and Your Heart – Jack Johnson

• Waiting for the Sun – The Jayhawks

• Lie to Me – Jonny Lang

• Ruby – Kaiser Chiefs

• Set Me Free (Rosa Lee) – Los Lobos

• Catch Me If You Can – Outasight

• Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That – Robert Randolph & The Family Band

• Our Love is Fading – Sheryl Crow

Enjoy, Blago!

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