Sunday, September 5, 2010

Walking Playlist

As you may know, I have written several pieces featuring running playlists, and I often reference running when talking about music in general. This has largely been because I am signed up for the 2010 Chicago Marathon and used music to help me along during my training. Well, I’m sorry to report that rather than training I will now be attending physical therapy to resolve a running injury that has sidelined me for the past several weeks. Although I’m obviously disappointed, I’m trying to also look at the positives. For instance, I won’t have to plan my weekends around my long runs, and when I get home from work I can enjoy a drink on our screened-in porch rather than quickly changing into my running clothes. Still, it’s kind of a bummer. I would probably be much more disappointed had I not completed the marathon last year. Perhaps I should just be satisfied with that accomplishment and not punish my body further.

When I ran the marathon last year, I ran for a charity, as many runners do. I’m a little embarrassed to say that this was done partly because when I decided to run the marathon all of the regular spots were sold out (five months in advance!) and the only spots left were through charities, so my motives weren’t completely altruistic. I chose PAWS, a humane society, as my charity and raised almost $1,300 for the cause, which felt great. Running through a charity also motivated me to stick with the training because so many people had donated in my name. We have two “used” dogs, as I like to say, one more gently used than the other. We got our Lab when he was about 18 months old from a family who couldn’t keep him anymore. We got our Great Dane mix when she was 10 months old through a rescue organization and I’m sorry to say that even in those first 10 months a lot of damage was done- she was a mess when we got her, both medically and behaviorally. We’ve made a lot of progress with her, but she has a chronic lung condition that will ultimately probably cut her life short and precludes us from walking her. Luckily for us, she’s mostly a couch potato (except when people come to the door- it’s a perpetual state of training).

Unfortunately for the Lab (Dunkin), his sister’s lung condition has resulted in us being lazy about walking either dog, even though Dunkin is seemingly going to live forever and exhibits no health problems whatsoever except for an overabundance of energy. Upon realizing that my running career is at least temporarily suspended, I decided that this could be a good thing for Dunkin. I also realized this morning that in dog years, Dunkin and I are actually the same age and we could both probably stand to lose a couple pounds. Since I don’t want to be the crazy lady talking to her dog in the park, I decided to make a really great walking playlist amuse me on our outings.

At times when I’m walking to or from the train downtown, a song will come on my iPod that will be exactly in sync with my walking, and those are exactly the kinds of songs I was looking for with this playlist. I want you to know that I have road tested these songs and they will keep your feet moving and your mood elevated. If there’s a song you haven’t heard before, test it on iTunes and try it out. Use your brisk walk as an opportunity to experiment with new music- I wouldn’t steer you wrong, so choose all or a few and take your fat Lab out for a walk!

Song No. 6 – Ane Brun and Ron Sexsmith
American Boy – Estelle, feat. Kanye West
Wind it Up – Gwen Stafani
Suicide Blonde – INXS
Don’t Stop the Beat – Junior Senior
Set Me Free (Rosa Lee) – Los Lobos
Yes I Will – Michael Franti & Spearhead
Grace Kelly – Mika
Crash Years – The New Pornographers
Love and Memories – O.A.R.
Fine Line – Paul McCartney
Heavy Things – Phish
I Hate This Part – Pussycat Dolls
Dancing On My Own – Robyn
Send Me on My Way – Rusted Root
Everyday People – Sly & The Family Stone
Mystery Zone – Spoon
And She Was – Talking Heads
Walkin’ on the Moon – The-Dream & Kanye West
Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

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